Friday, December 7, 2012

The Mystery of Tiwanaku Introduction/ Prologue:

This story is a sequel to an earlier blog I wrote called “First Civilization” so that story is the background for this story. This is an in depth look at the civilization of Tiwanaku and its possible relationship with the Ancient Astronauts.
 Anthony Laudun
spaship 4

Ancient Astronaut Spaceship

On Mars about 3.3 billion years ago, there was a decline of volcanism and water was still plentiful. Then it also looked more like a green and blue habitable planet that was ruddy reddish in places.  Therefore, the Ancient Astronauts left their home planet and migrated to Mars, which at that time was located just inside the outer part of the habitable zone of the solar system.   The Ancient Astronauts  then established outposts on the planet Earth that was located just in the inner side of the solar systems habitable zone.  Earth was not deemed ready for colonization at this time, as the atmosphere and animal life were not suitable.
remote-outpost earth 2
Ancient Astronaut Outpost on Earth 2.5 Billion years ago.
How long before the Ancient Astronauts on Mars saw things begin to take a change for the worse is not known. However, it could have be around 3-4 million years ago. They did not see it coming until the first signs began to appear. Then they began to look for a suitable place to migrate to and Earth became the most likely choice. They saw that it was now suitable for colonization.  Once colonies were established on Earth, many of the clones they had created escaped into many remote areas of the planet and learned to reproduce on their own.  Their makers soon realized they had a situation on their hands and that they being responsible parents would have to teach their creations how to live and survive there.  Something they were still learning themselves.  However, they had the technology and their creations did not.

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